Summer Solstice back

June 20, 2021

As we experience it from the Northern Hemisphere, Summer Solstice is the fourth passage in Earth’s calendar. It is a time when Sun appears to ascend to the greatest height in the sky.


As the intense upward springtime growth of leaves and flowers begin to subside, and pollination has taken place, the first fruits appear. As the fruit begins its ripening process, we are called to acknowledge what a generous gift this is from Earth. We are also awakened to the rhythmic cycle of life, death and rebirth. Without fruiting we would have no true food. Without true food we would have no true seed. Without true seed, this precious cycle would be broken, and it is upon this cycle that all life depends.


During the portal of the Summer Solstice, we honor both Earth and Sun as they work together providing nourishing conditions for the fruit to reach its full potential. Just as plants bring forth fruit and seed at this time of year, human consciousness is called to higher intention. It is a time to engage clarity in the constant struggle between ego and selflessness.  Humans are called into service to something greater than ourselves so that the rhythmic cycle of life, death, and rebirth is sustained.  


These reminders are crucially important in these times when so many of our human activities are creating the instability and chaos leading to severe climate change and unprecedented violence and suffering.


We will open the portal of Summer Solstice at 2PM on June 15 and close the portal at 2PM on June 26. Between the opening and closing rituals, anyone wishing to mark this passage on their own is welcome to Genesis Farm.


Please come during daylight hours and if you wish to attend either the opening or closing please RSVP by calling (908) 362-6735.