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March/April 2024

Dear Friends of the Farm,

This springtime image of Genesis Farm is somewhat distorted. Not only because it is just a bit outdated, but because it does not reflect the confusion which all elements of this landscape are experiencing.

The thin, drenched soils on the hillsides are more rapidly eroding. In December forthysia was blooming. In January, daffodils, primroses and violets were arising. Migratory birds had never left. Insects remain confused. Trees are stressed, covered with unfamiliar vines dragging them down, their branches and bud-forming twigs are covered with lichen and are falling away.

Heavy snows, freezing rains, hail and severe gales appear and disappear because the over-all temperatures of Earth has risen. Not just here but everywhere.

The Petroleum Era has devastated Earth. It has provided our human species unprecedented powers. These powers arise most ferociously from our unexamined collective unconscious which still believes we can 'have it all’ and deserve to have it all.’ Most of us are caught in the web of depedency on fossil fuels and plastics. I know I am.

If we claim we are separate from, and can own everything which is not our autonomous self, we cling to the dysfunctional pictures of gods made in our own immature image and likeness. The atrocity of perpetual wars, animosity, racism, injustice are patriarchal beliefs and they are ripping the fabric of life asunder. They cause the extinction of species through biocides, pesticides, herbicides, homocides, suicides, and genocides. They are also seducing our species to rely on artificial intelligence to rescue us.

In 1962 Rachel Carson wrote of her foreboding of a “silent spring” based on the scientific research she did on the effects of poisonous chemicals on the reproductive systems of birds. Silent Spring was a major turning point in the thinking of cultural historian Thomas Berry, whose works, based on the evolutionary story of the Universe, are core to the mission and history of Genesis Farm.

During this year’s fragile and unpredictable recurrence of springtime renewal we cling to the possibility that the addictive forces of consumerism, power, separation and hierarchy will diminish and deflate. Life longs to go on. So do our children. So do the children of all species.

Over this time of Spring Equinox, our core group will scatter wildflowers seeds in memory of those persons you have asked us to remember in your name. We look forward to another time later this year, when this ceremony will be open for you and others to participate.

As we continue to restore our lands, our aquifers, wetlands and streams, our gardens, buildings, library, archives and website we are grateful for any volunteers who can help us.

With gratitude for all the support you give,

Miriam MacGillis
Founder and Interim Coordinator.