Exploring the sacred unity of life, humanity and Earth within a single, unfolding Universe.

Genesis Farm website 2023

This website is being redesigned to better clarify our hopes for the future of Genesis Farm. If you choose to continue collaborating with us we earnestly welcome your desire to do so.

We are a small group of volunteers working to keep this Ecological Learning Center alive after a number of years of unanticipated chaos and disruption, further exacerbated by the weather patterns of the last decade. Each pattern has brought flooding, droughts, fires, erosion and other unanticipated symptoms of serious and irreversible climate collapse.

It seems that the entire natural world here and everywhere is in a spiral of confusion. So are many, many people worldwide.

Several days after the collapse of the World Trade Towers, on September 11, 2001, Thomas Berry wrote a small reflection entitled “An Historic Moment” in which he foresaw in this new century, that the American people would be entering a new Age of Anxiety. We hope to make this reflection available for you soon on this website, as it is so filled with wisdom.

We continue to hope that on November 2, our next memorial planting will be open for others to join us. Your loved ones are a blessing to us, to this land, and to the purpose for which we exist in the service of Earth’s communities of life. It is a privilege and an honor for us to remember them.

We trust you will continue to be understanding and patient with us as we continue our efforts to restore Genesis Farm.

Miriam MacGillis