Day of the Dead - All Soul's Day back

November 2, 2020


Due to Covid-19 we will not be hosting a public ceremony this year. Instead we invite you to honor your loved ones at 2 pm EST in the safety of your home.  The staff will hold a planting ceremony on your behalf at Genesis Farm Center for Earth Studies.


Genesis Farm honors the memory of people who have passed from this life by planting wildflower seeds in a special garden here. We have done this faithfully and consistently for over twenty-five years. Twice during the growing season we welcome friends and visitors to this ritual: on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, and All Souls Day or Day of the Dead, celebrated on November 2.

Many of you have given a Genesis Farm Memorial Card to someone who has lost a loved one. Many of you have had the names of your loved ones sent to us by others to honor them.

This simple ritual, of calling the spirit of those who have died and remembering them with the planting of seeds, has, we believe, brought comfort and solace to many. For Genesis Farm, the names and memory of the ancestors have left an imprint on this land, bringing blessings beyond words to the work we do here.

When we plant seeds to honor the memory of a person whose name we speak, we honor the mystery of life held in that single, unique person. We connect each person to the seeds we plant as a gesture testifying that life does not die. Life cannot die; it simply changes form. Seeds, as well as humans, are part of this profound longing of the Universe and Earth to continue, to go on, and bring forth the future  seeking to unfold.

We wish to deepen this connection of the Beloved Community of the Ancestors, whose lives are mysteriously entwined in the lands and the future of Genesis Farm, with our efforts to protect, cherish and propagate the sacred legacy of Earth’s seeds. This is true of all seeds, those cultivated by humans as well as the seeds of all wild communities of the natural world.

We believe there is a seamless bonding of all life on our planet. We wish to make a clear conscious connection to that on the precious lands we hold in trust. And so we will deepen the link between wisdom, memory and life in this year’s annual Day of the Dead Memorial Ceremony.