Lughnasad back

July 31 - August 7, 2020




Lughnasad represents the astrological halfway point between summer and autumn. In ancient Gaelic mythology, Lughnasad celebrates the time when the Earth mother goddess, Aine sitting on her maternity chair waits for the dawn of her son, Lugh, the god of the harvest.


In this seasonal passage of Earth around Sun, the forests, meadows, and gardens enter a similar phase of their meaning. It is a moment of change, of the need to clarify the truth of their identity and commit to the next phase of their transformation. Parent seeds have become buds, which have emerged into flowers. Flowers became fruits and fruits are now ripening so as to give themselves away.  They will be eaten by another or transformed once again into seed, which will die itself in order to give birth to another cycle of life.


The time of fruiting represents truth, or the actualizing of an identity that has been slowly and faithfully growing for seasons, decades, and millennia.  The authentic self continues to evolve, emerge, ripen and die back into seed. As in the outer world, so is the fruition of the inner world of our souls.


Lughnasad acknowledges a long-sought harvest of insights we can store for the future.  May these insights, growing into a new wisdom, carry us through the difficult times of climate disruption, and turbulent human behaviors.