Imbolc back

January 30 - February 6, 2018

You are invited to join us for this beautiful passage in the Earth’s seasonal journey around Sun.

From our vantage point on the North American continent, the winter darkness is slowly, gradually lifting. The hours of daylight are growing.  What was happening in the darkest of nights at the Solstice, was an impregnation of new life, new possibilities in both the womb of Earth and in the recesses of our inner souls.

This cross-quarter passage with roots in the ancient Gaelic tradition celebrates the “quickening of life” still within the womb of Earth, but waiting to emerge at the Spring Equinox.  Ancient peoples would evoke the increasing power of Sun as the sacred energy of the Divine to ensure a steady supply of food until the next harvest. In the later Christian era, the earlier Neolithic images of the Sun goddess Bride were imaged in the sacred mothering of Mary, and of St Bridget, guardian of the new fire, the new lambs and new-born children.

We will revision this passage to renew the fires of our mission to “search for a transforming vision”.  We live in precarious and troubling times.  We ask to be led into new forms of commitment to the sacred nature of the land, of farms and gardens, seeds, bees and all the members of the communities of life whose land we share. We are, all of us, endangered species.

We will open the portal of Imbolc at 3PM on January 30. This “quickening of life” takes place over more than one day.  Historically it is a sacred time in many human traditions. We will close the portal at 3PM on February 6.

Between the opening and closing rituals, materials will be available in the Ritual Hut for anyone wishing to mark this passage on their own.  It offers a time for silence and self-reflection during a time in which many of us are experiencing anxiety and stress.

The ritual hut is located midway up the hillside to the right behind the office building. Come during daylight hours and dress for being outdoors.