April 25, 2015
Mission and Vision
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At Genesis Farm we raise serious questions about the global crises and evoke the rich spiritual insights that are within the hearts of all people.  Focusing on connections between the health of Earth and of human communities within particular bioregions, we address the basic issues of our time in concert with all people of good will, learning together how to become part of creating that health, both inwardly and outwardly.

Biologists, physicists and other scientists continue to adjust their perceptions of Earth as a living organism in its own right. Their writings make it ever more clear that humans must alter their most basic perceptions about themselves and Earth...that the survival of the human species must be considered within the broader context of how nature is surviving... how the air, water, and soil nutrients are faring in their ancient but newly challenged cycles and patterns.

We realize there are no easy or quick answers. We try to learn more and experiment with changing ourselves and our own behavior. We recognize the difficulty of this, and encourage each other to be creative and hopeful rather than discouraged or paralyzed into non-action.

Genesis Farm is rooted in a belief that the Universe, Earth, and all reality are permeated by the presence and power of that ultimate Holy Mystery that has been so deeply and richly expressed in the world's spiritual traditions. We try to ground our ecological and agricultural work in this deep belief. This Sacred Mystery, known by so many religious names, is the common thread in our efforts.